Rob & Barb

Family Legacy International was founded by Rob Gross in 2009 to provide practical insight and help for parents to learn how to build successful families.

The Fourfold mission of FLI is:

1.  To turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children and the hearts of the       children back to their fathers by healing the wounds of fatherlessness.

2.  To teach fathers how to bless and impact their children verbally on a weekly basis.

3.  To train fathers how to prioritize their families.

4.  To equip fathers to leave a lasting legacy.



Training Packages

Package 1 $1,000 What does Package 1 include?  A one hour introductory session entitled, “Heal the Man, Heal the Land.” Note: This session will unpack several key verses from Scripture that explain the key to healing our land, our families and how Healing Hearts helps to facilitate the process. A four-hour session for pastors and …

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Healing Hearts – Family Healing

    Paperback – $20.00* *Price excludes shipping and applicable sales tax.   Malachi 4:5-6 and Luke 1:16-17 tell us that to prepare us for revival each person’s heart must be healed to their parents. Whether childhood maltreatment or the absence of parental instruction, every person has been ‘orphaned’ in some way. This manual outlines …

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