Feb 11


There are many definitions of the word “father.” Some of the definitions are:

  • The first person of the Trinity (God, the Father).
  • A man who has begotten a child (the male parent of an offspring).
  • An old man (a term used as a respectful form of address).
  • One that originates or institutes something (a founder).
  • A forefather (the founder of a family or movement).
  • A priest.
  • A spiritual leader who labors in love on behalf of his spiritual children, until the character, mission and ministry of Jesus is formed in them.
  • A “pioneer;” “inventor;” or “initiator” who breaks new ground for others to follow and leaves a legacy after he is gone.

What are the responsibilities of the everyday “father” who, along with his wife, has brought children into the world?

  • To provide income, shelter and clothing for his children.
  • To pray blessings over his kids on a weekly basis.
  • To protect his children.
  • To point out to his children, their God given gifts, talents and in order to encourage them to become what God has called them to be.
  • To prepare his children for life by discipling them from the Word of God.

What are the two most important things a father can do for his kids?

  • To receive God’s love for himself as a spiritual son!
  • To love and serve God with all of his heart!

Remember Dads:

  • When you genuinely relate to God, as a son, you will write faith into your children’s hearts!
  • Your children will not become what you say; they will become who you are!

What is God doing in this hour between fathers and their children?

  • According to Malachi 4:5-6 He’s turning the hearts of fathers back to their children and vice versa so our land won’t be destroyed!
  • He is restoring fathers to their children in order to heal our land! When this critical family relationship is healed our land will be healed!
  • He is transforming the church from an orphanage to a family!
  • We are all being brought under the “fatherhood” of God through “spiritual fathers” and “earthly fathers.”

How can a father restore his relationship with his kids?

    By asking them to forgive him for the sins he has committed against them.

  • By restoring trust through restitution.
  • By blessing them verbally on a regular basis thus expressing his approval of them.
  • By regularly opening his heart to them (sharing about himself so they can get to know him).
  • By spending time and having fun with them.